About us


An interactive architectural map of Lithuania (archmap.lt) is a place containing information about architectural objects of the Independent Lithuania (since 1991). Here, you can briskly discuss on today’s topicalities of architecture, comment, vote, and make a collection of your favourites.

The concise information about each building, structure or urban object is a stimulus for interest, travelling, and cognition. The website is a user-friendly tool for those, who wish to collect initial information about pleasing samples of architecture and start on a journey through Lithuania or the virtual world.


1. To present the country’s architecture of the last two decades to an audience as wide as possible, thereby promoting public interest in modern architecture, to evoke everybody’s desire to deepen their knowledge about it, and to develop the cultural – architectural – tourism;

2. To represent Lithuanian architecture as widely as possible not limiting just in large cities and towns, but involving the very skirts of the country or the up-country as well.


The idea was born in 2009. Supported partially by the Support Foundation of the Ministry of Culture, the project was launched in 2010. The Cultural Industries Park “Architectural Centre” implemented the first stage together with the Lithuanian Architects’ Union and the Public Enterprise “Architekturos Fondas” (Architecture Foundation) (collected and processed most of the material, for a start eliminating individual residential houses).

In the second stage – in 2011 – the content acquired a shape and the archmap.lt started supported by the Support Foundation of the Ministry of Culture and the company Knauf. Buildings, constructions, urban formations with various destination of the period of the Independent Lithuania created by more than 60 Lithuanian architects or their teams are introduced here. Many objects have already managed to gain recognition of peers and the public at large. The information will be supplemented further.

Later, in 2012 and 2013, the content was expanded, now it includes privates houses as well.

In 2014 we are preparing a site suitable for mobile phones. Starting with autumn, everyone will managed to visit archmap.lt, even the one who is far away from the working desk.


Professionals and amateurs, young and old, everybody, who is interested in architecture – all are welcomed to attend, vote, comment and, of course, debate with spirit.


You can not only find information on the object You have been interested, but also make Your favorites list or even architectural route which You can follow during Your leisure time – all this is available to registered members.