Funeral Home “Ritualija”


Kazys Tamošėtis
  • Žiedo g. 17, Ukmergė
  • Latitude:55.2477
  • Longtitude:24.7422
  • Public object

About object:

Issues of the death of a human have always been relevant in regard to their philosophical, religious, psychological, and even utilitarian aspects. Funeral Home is an object the design of which requires not only knowledge of strong pragmatic – strict technological and hygienic – requirements, but also the ability to empathize with the state of mind of people who come to this object.
Funeral Home “Ritualija” in Ukmergė did not grow on a random spot; its location was based on the approved detailed planning building regulation of the site. The environmental requirements were also taken into account.
Creating a building of restless architectural expression, the project author strived to highlight the exposition of joy of life and tragedy of death, inevitability of passing away. The latter concept has found additional expressive implementation in interior wall painting, which harmoniously combines with tranquility of monochromatic interior finish. The merge of open, glass-finished spaces with the exterior and apt connections with closed surfaces and spaces represent the architectural plastic means, convincingly selected by the authors in order to soothe a person who comes to see off those close to him to the last journey, and to give him/her strength and hope.

I. Garnytė- Sapranavičienė

Object information:

  • Project ID:71
  • Implemented:2011
  • Architects:Kazys Tamošėtis
  • Architects companies:„Nadruva”
  • Purpose:Religious
  • Area:604 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Andrejus Mikučanis
  • Constructors companies:Funeral Home “Ritualija”
  • Other companies:Funeral Home “Ritualija”
  • Photographer:Kazys Tamošėtis, Albinas Karalius


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