Complex of administration buildings “Vites Commerce Centre”


Ramūnas Atas, Vaida Atienė, Vaidotas Eimutis
  • Naujoji uosto g. 9, 11, Klaipėda
  • Latitude:55.7129
  • Longtitude:21.1241
  • Public object

About object:

A sophisticated business centre of modern architecture “Vites kvartalas” is built in an extremely sensitive and tender urban context – in  the quarter Vite situated in the central part of Klaipeda City that has been argued out many times, in the territory of the former historic fishermen’s quarter.

The complex distinguishes for its completeness and integrity of an architectural idea. The monochromy of dark brick and glass façades forms a very unique and strong character of the buildings. This large area and broad program complex is “strung” of individual structural units in order to carve up and structure the building visually. The authors professionally juggle by different volume heights, dimensions, façade planes, distributions, textural details. The nuances of façade plane asymmetry enlivened by different brick textural details easily oppose to the volumetric composition formed under the principles of symmetry. The delicate and sensitive variations of shapes and elements create an expressive entirety.

The ideas of citizens of Klaipeda City have been noticed and appreciated in an international context. In the competition “The Baltic Brick and Roof Award 2011”, the business centre “Vite” was chosen to compete in the global competition “Brick Awards 2012”.

G. Mikalauskaitė

Object information:

  • Project ID:5
  • Implemented:2009
  • Architects:Ramūnas Atas, Vaida Atienė, Vaidotas Eimutis
  • Architects companies:„A TEAM ROJECTS“
  • Purpose:Mixed
  • Area:18008 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Tatjana Tomkienė
  • Constructors companies:„Klaipėda Engineering projects“
  • Other companies:Wienerberger
  • Photographer:Ramūnas Atas


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