Holiday Resort “Nakcizibis”


Arūnas Liola, Rolandas Liola, Edgaras Neniškis, Lukas Lažinskas, Liutauras Nekrošius
  • Lavyso k., Marcinkonių sen., Varėnos raj., Marcinkonys
  • Latitude:54.1718
  • Longtitude:24.4061
  • Public object

About object:

The recreational complex “Nakcizibis” consisting of 8 wooden buildings positioned along the waterside of the lake Lavysas is a one-piece fusion of modern and ethnographic architecture. Modest scale of the buildings and spaces, simple forms, pitched roofs, and natural materials create an appealing image.
Natural environment – the lake and the forest – are the most important and attractive values of the area, thus the buildings are sensitively inserted into the context intelligently using its advantages. The volumes are positioned in the plot irregularly, considering the natural coastline, pines growing in the territory and the existent forest glades, hereby creating an intriguing sequence of various spaces between the buildings. Visitors passing through the area of “Nakcizibis” will find themselves in hospitable spaces of different shapes, sizes, destination, level of intimacy, and mood, opening different imaginative panoramas each time.
Such architectural language, which is solid from the smallest detail to the entirety, the respect to the local natural and historical context, and clearly expressed Lithuanian regional architectural identity allow calling the complex “Nakcizibis” one of the most subtle examples of new recreation architecture in Lithuania.

R. Leitanaitė

Object information:

  • Project ID:117
  • Implemented:2010
  • Architects:Arūnas Liola, Rolandas Liola, Edgaras Neniškis, Lukas Lažinskas, Liutauras Nekrošius
  • Architects companies:„Arches“
  • Purpose:Recreational
  • Area:1050 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Jakovas Mendelevičius
  • Constructors companies:Holiday Resort “Nakcizibis”
  • Other companies:Holiday Resort “Nakcizibis”
  • Photographer:Arūnas Gliaudys


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