Anykščiai Art Incubator – Art Studio


Valdas Klimavičius, Elvyra Klimavičienė, Andrius Daujotas
  • J. Biliūno g. 53, Anykščiai
  • Latitude:55.5289
  • Longtitude:25.1200
  • Public object

About object:

The main art incubator-art studio in Anykščiai greets visitors with a traditional wooden facade characteristic for Lithuanian architecture.

The project aimed to turn the old heritage manor into a building suitable for Anykščiai art incubator-art studio’s activities. The investment project and the design task intended to expand the indoor area up to 1500 sq. m. The task was given to architects V. and E. Klimavičiai and A. Daujotas who took into account the existing spatial context. Therefore, it was decided to leave it intact and take advantage of the existing relief by establishing the main premises of the object underground.

The existing wooden building was dismantled and, after setting up the underground part, restored to its original state. The large slope allowed to open up the underground areas to face River Anykšta, thus avoiding the look of a dark basement. Meanwhile, the old manor remained intact: a green hill, a traditional Lithuanian house, and area inspiring new insights and creativity.


I. Garnytė- Sapranavičienė

Object information:

  • Project ID:232
  • Implemented:2014
  • Architects:Valdas Klimavičius, Elvyra Klimavičienė, Andrius Daujotas
  • Architects companies:UAB ,,Panprojektas”
  • Purpose:Cultural
  • Area:1504 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Vidimantas Susnys
  • Constructors companies:Anykščiai Art Incubator – Art Studio
  • Other companies:Anykščiai Art Incubator – Art Studio
  • Customer:VŠĮ Anykščių menų inkubatorius- menų studija
  • Photographer:Valdas Klimavičius


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