Multi-residential building


Vidmantas Kančiauskas, Emilis Petkevičius, Natalija Baran
  • Mokslininkų g. 3, Vilnius
  • Latitude:54.7538
  • Longtitude:25.2659
  • Public object

About object:

The rapidly expanding Vilnius to the direction of Molėtai where just until recently the city outskirts were shrouded in forests and the whole place pulsated tranquillity, now here the construction works are in full zest with the multi-family homes rising up one by one. The four-storey building designed in 2012 by the group of architects “Vilniaus architektūros studija” (Eng. Vilnius architecture studio) stands out from next-door neighbours by a laconic yet playful solution.

Leaning like a cord to the pine forest, a clear-cut rectangular apartment house in a volumetric framework responds to the existing slope. When ascending it, three stairwells incorporated in one straight line as if jump up from each other. The silhouette of the long sides of the building is boldly broken up by balconies protruding from each apartment.

The gracefulness of volume has been achieved by vertical rustic of facade panels. Their colour range is calm: the ground floor is smoothly highlighted by a darker shade, while the upper ones -by white. The keynotes of the building – decorative strips going vertically through the entire height of the building. Airily like lace leaning to the balconies they as if shield their daring escapade from the quiet volume. At the same time it provides comfort and privacy for the apartments’ residents when spending their time on balconies.

I. Granytė- Sapranavičienė

Object information:

  • Project ID:241
  • Implemented:2012
  • Architects:Vidmantas Kančiauskas, Emilis Petkevičius, Natalija Baran
  • Architects companies:„Vilniaus architektūros studija“
  • Purpose:Residency
  • Area:4370 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Gintaras Matkevičius, Egidijus Buožys
  • Constructors companies:Multi-residential building
  • Other companies:Multi-residential building
  • Photographer:Vidmantas Kančiauskas


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