18 apartment resort house in Palanga


Donatas Rakauskas
  • 1
  • Birutės al. 54, Palanga
  • Latitude:55.9131
  • Longtitude:21.0547
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About object:

The two-storey resort house with a penthouse, located between the pines in Birutės street, did not contaminate the Palanga resort with youthful aggression, but, on the contrary, saturated the coastal pinery with buildings, retaining the ethnographical character. The source of inspiration for the architecture of the structures, reminiscent of weaving shuttles, according to D. Rakauskas, was the small churches of the Eastern Prussia. “I liked the unusual shape of the hexagonal plan and volume of their apses” – he says. So the architect integrated a residential building, whose two blocks are connected with a staircase “box”, into such a shape.
The ascetic character is created by sparing architectural means: the original shape and its integrity is emphasized by the monochrome pearl-grey facades, cozily decorated by decoration boards of different shades and the originally composed windows, which are broadly (2.5 meters) cut out in all the facades and in roof slopes. The high roof is visually made even higher by roof windows, narrowing towards the roof top and forming a pointed angle in side facades.
D. Rakauskas creation supplemented the townscape of Palanga with a cultured and interesting building, continuing the high-level coastal resort architectural tradition.

A. Stelbiene

Object information:

  • Project ID:143
  • Implemented:2001
  • Architects:Donatas Rakauskas
  • Architects companies:Donatas Rakauskas
  • Purpose:Recreational
  • Area:1000 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Valerijus Kupė
  • Constructors companies:18 apartment resort house in Palanga
  • Other companies:18 apartment resort house in Palanga


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