Divine Providence Church in Utena


Ričardas Krištapavičius, Mindaugas Jamantas
  • Aušros g. 78, Utena
  • Latitude:55.5076
  • Longtitude:25.5962
  • Public object

About object:

Difficult task is to create the God’s house in our day. The time sort of forces us look forward, to chase a fast-moving society, but the belief also promotes to return to the very beginning – to the source of civilization. So the architects took this way, putting together in their work absolutely everything that under the U. Eco reflect the Absolute: a sparkling light, fire colours and shades, regular primordial forms. All forms and lines of Divine Providence Church are immortalized in symmetry: in the background of elliptical plan the main single nave volume of the church is raised, it forms a composition with the belfry tower of triangular plan. According to the authors, the ellipse – like shape of the eye – is a symbol of the absolute integrity the tally of which is philosophical generalization of Divine Providence.

Almost archaic neatness of forms is compensated by important part of Christian architecture: carefully planned natural and artificial lighting. The centre of all things in the Church becomes an altar brightly illuminated from above by incident daylight. Solemnity to this sacred space is provided by colourful stained-glass windows and original volumetric stained-glass compositions created by the artist K. Morkūnas hung in the presbytery.

R. Krištopavičius and M. Jamantas managed to create a modern sacred building, a new landmark by means of economical but expressive tools.

A. Stelbiene

Object information:

  • Project ID:213
  • Implemented:2005
  • Architects:Ričardas Krištapavičius, Mindaugas Jamantas
  • Architects companies:„Baltas fonas“
  • Purpose:Religious
  • Constructors:Alfonsas Vaškevičius
  • Constructors companies:„Sandara“
  • Other companies:Stained glass by prof. Kazimieras Morkūnas, „Panevėžio Žemprojektas”
  • Photographer:Ričardas Krištapavičius, Mindaugas Jamantas ir kiti nežinomi autoriai


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