Flower Salon Ritos Geles in Prienai


Kęstutis Indriūnas, Daiva Gasiūnienė
  • Kauno g.1a/ Laisvės g. 9c, Prienai
  • Latitude:54.6393
  • Longtitude:23.9477
  • Public object

About object:

Around a central square of the town Prienai – as befits – the main buildings are concentrated: a municipality, a centre of culture, a cinema, etc. The flower salon freshly inserted between them was not an essential one by its purpose or size, thus, it was important to the architect to match up the object to the solid neighbours by its high architectural culture.
The modest building radiant with its minimalist cleanliness is close to the Japanese architectural tradition: the minimal space is matched up to the maximal benefit. Black openings of windows and doors gape in the brightly white two-storey volume with a lower rectangular prism-shaped adjoining building.
The theme of light colours is extended in the interior: white walls are complemented by the details of dark metal designed by K. Indriunas himself and the furniture of glued wood (a café for visitors is set out on the second floor) – only the variegation of flowers electrifies the quiet environment.
The calm building bowed respectfully to the urban environment of the small town (the author took a particular care not to overshadow and not to obscure the Church of Christ Visitation situated in the back areas) and was willingly accepted into a team of the neighbouring buildings.

A. Štelbienė

Object information:

  • Project ID:84
  • Implemented:2004
  • Architects:Kęstutis Indriūnas, Daiva Gasiūnienė
  • Architects companies:„Gečia”
  • Purpose:Commercial
  • Area:200 kv.m.
  • Constructors:Algirdas Jucius
  • Constructors companies:Flower Salon Ritos Geles in Prienai
  • Other companies:Flower Salon Ritos Geles in Prienai
  • Photographer:Kęstutis Indriūnas, Gražvydas Indriūnas


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