“Culture Factory” in Klaipėda


Ramune Staseviciute, Monika Knipiene
  • Bangų g. 5A, Klaipėda
  • Latitude:55.7081
  • Longtitude:21.1412
  • Public object

About object:

“Culture Factory” (Lith.”Kultūros fabrikas”) – a developed industrial heritage conversion project located in the heart of the Old Town of Klaipėda close to the historic John’s hill and the Danė River. According to the authors of the project, the group of architects “Pilis” (Engl. Castle), this object was to create an exclusive zone in the city which being outwardly distinct, functionally-wise maximally versatile and at the same time stylistically integral, today could become such a strategic location of the city as the fortifications in the 18th century. Historical circumstances that once forced the people living here to break away and defend against external risks in order to survive, nowadays allow the city to open up, become unique, which is vitally necessary to attract people’s attention.
The old tobacco and cigarette factory building constructed in 1917 is not a cultural heritage, but it stands in a protected area in the Old Town of Klaipėda, so the conversion has been restricted in height and volume requirements. “Culture Factory” is laid out in the old five-storied volume and the new two-story extension to the building. A spacious, tracery-like two-story lobby laconically highlighted by the roof terrace has been formed in their juncture. On the ground floor of the old factory there is a cafe with a terrace. On the second and third floors creative studios and offices have been designed; on the fourth – a studio of general use; on the fifth – a rehearsal and chamber events hall. A cellar accommodates space for exhibitions that do not demand natural lighting, technical and storage premises and a cloakroom. The new volume is intended for cinema, conference and performing arts halls.
The exterior of the building is low-key, modern and compatible with the context of the Old Town of Klaipėda. The interior industrial style was determined by the old building’s function. Minimal and at the same time functional finish accentuates the old elements of the building, construction and masonry – in such a way the factory remains factory-like.
You can only agree with the thoughts disclosed by the designers of this project: the fact of the preservation of the old building, territorial integrity and a precise adaptation to the needs of the modern-day Klaipėda becomes a powerful signal testifying the city’s maturity, its intellectual and creative potential enabling to generate and successfully implement new ideas for the sake of the city and its people.

I. Garnytė- Sapranavičienė

Object information:

  • Project ID:216
  • Implemented:2015
  • Architects:Ramune Staseviciute, Monika Knipiene
  • Architects companies:Pilis, R. Staseviciutes design company
  • Purpose:Cultural
  • Area:4073,74 kv. m
  • Constructors:Arturas Preiksaitis
  • Constructors companies:“Culture Factory” in Klaipėda
  • Other companies:“Culture Factory” in Klaipėda
  • Photographer:Andriu Laurinaitis


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