Residential House Atspindys


Tomas Lapė, Vytenis Eitminavičius
  • Lūkesčių g., Vilnius
  • Latitude:54.6644
  • Longtitude:25.1910
  • Private object

About object:

Having surprised many times with their original and profound approach to the relationship between a new object and its environment, Studija Lape collective has done it again with the residential house on Lukesčiai St., Vilnius. The name of the street dictates the aura of the area – to hope and wait. The designers understood that perfectly. The main face of the building is a mirror which, according to the authors, incorporates various fragments of surrounding buildings. Being unable to compete with the neighbouring houses in its size or concrete colour, the building has to adjust to the environment.
It silhouette consists of two volumes: a stable cube and a rectangle with a sloped roof on one of the sides facing the yard. Internal functions are laid out accordingly: the more active volume includes a sitting room and a kitchen, whereas the calmer one has private rest rooms.
The size facades are finished in concrete slabs emphasized by vertical cuts stretching across wall’s length. The facade overlooking the yard is made of glass, allowing to catch a nice view of the sunset.

I. Garnyte-Sapranaviciene

Object information:

  • Project ID:207
  • Implemented:2013
  • Architects:Tomas Lapė, Vytenis Eitminavičius
  • Architects companies:„Studija lape“
  • Purpose:Residency
  • Area:171 kv. m
  • Constructors:Residential House Atspindys
  • Constructors companies:Residential House Atspindys
  • Other companies:Residential House Atspindys
  • Photographer:Tomas Lapė, Vytenis Eitminavičius


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