Residential House in Pavilniai Regional Park


Gintautas Natkevičius, Rimas Adomaitis, Raimundas Babrauskas, Tomas Kuleša
  • 1
  • Pučkorių g., Vilnius
  • Latitude:54.6886
  • Longtitude:25.3612
  • Private object

About object:

The house designed by the team of architects of G.Natkevičius is standing in the place, where a big cannon foundry was equipped in the sixteenth century. In the beginning of the twentieth century, a part of the foundry buildings was adapted to a paper factory, the remains of which can still be visited nowadays. According to the project authors, their customers had acquired a land plot with an old yellow brick lodge with a basement next to these remains. Due to the historic and physical value of the building, it was decided to preserve it by covering with a glass casing.
A library of antique books collected by the building owner has found its place in the basement of the historic building. The bedrooms for children have been designed on the ground floor, and the bedrooms for adults – on the first floor. In the basement, there was equipped a Turkish bath, sanitary facilities and a garage for two cars.
The ground floor of the “casing” serves as a courtyard of the historic building. A living-room, a kitchen, a dining-room and a cloakroom are situated here. The interior elegance is created by blackish and yellowish colours, as well as high-tech elements.
The glass cover restricts the residents of the house only physically, but visually it is far from being a closed space, therefore the view of the building from both the outside and the inside is complemented by the picturesque views of the Regional Park.

E. Juocevičiūtė

Object information:

  • Project ID:126
  • Implemented:2007
  • Architects:Gintautas Natkevičius, Rimas Adomaitis, Raimundas Babrauskas, Tomas Kuleša
  • Architects companies:G. Natkevičius ir partneriai
  • Purpose:Residency
  • Area:327 kv. m.
  • Constructors:Jūratė Vašeikienė
  • Constructors companies:„Konstruktorių cechas”
  • Other companies:Residential House in Pavilniai Regional Park
  • Photographer:Raimondas Urbakavičius


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